SRCIC and CAF Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Beijing
19 Apr 2018


19 April 2018, the strategic collaboration agreement signing ceremony between Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) and China Association for Friendship (CAF) was held at SRCIC Beijing Office. For the purpose of strategic cooperation, advantage complementarity, mutual benefits, and concerted development, the two parties will join efforts to expand the cooperation among NGOs under the Belt and Road Initiative.


SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong and CAF President Chen Zhimin attended the event and witnessed the signing ceremony. SRCIC Secretary General Li Zhonghang and CAF Deputy Secretary General Chen Shaoxin signed the agreement on behalf of each party.


Photo: Wang Baosheng, CCPVIP.CN


Mr. Chen Zhimin spoke highly of the achievements made by SRCIC over the years and said: “SRCIC is a role model for international business associations in promoting global cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. CAF loves to strengthen the communication and cooperation ties with SRCIC in all aspects and contribute together to build a global community with a shared future.”


Mr. Lu said, “CAF is one of the most important Chinese NGOs to focus on advancing international friendship through international events and communications. The establishment of the strategic partnership between SRCIC and CAF will certainly boost the organizations’information exchange and project cooperation to jointly promote and make the Belt and Road Initiative the most influential platform for international cooperation.


Background Information


China Association for Friendship (CAF) is a civil society to advance international friendship and enhance overseas exchanges. With Peace, Friendship and Progress as its mission, CAF is aimed to deepen international friendship and safeguard world peace. Through international civil exchange activities, CAF strives to advance mutual understanding and friendship between peoples of China and the global community.


Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) is a transnational business confederation mainly composed of national commercial associations of the Silk Road countries. Currently SRCIC has 117 organizational members from 75 countries, including state-level organizations and correspondents, as well as millions of enterprises affiliated, forming up a community of shared interests, shared responsibilities and a shared future. Since its establishment in 2015, SRCIC has hosted 8 important conferences, over 30 international visits and road shows, signing the "Framework Agreement on Jointly Establishing a Mechanism and Platform for International Industry and Commerce Cooperation" with more than 60 country members and international organizations and“Proposal for Jointly Establishing Rules and Standards of Transnational Artwork Trading” with over 80 international chambers of commerce. SRCIC has also issued “Xi’an Consensus of SRCIC Contributing to a Global Community with a Shared Future”, which is the first consensus of this kind proposed by an international business association.


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SRCIC Secretary General Li Zhonghang meets with CAF Deputy Secretary General in Beijing