eSilkRoad is a venture incubation and investment fund focusing on digital projects in cross-border ecommerce, exhibition technology, satellite tracing technology, and transaction settlement technology. The primary objective is to accelerate resource integration and interconnectivity amongst the Belt and Road regions through cutting-edge Internet applications and data technologies to tap the vast opportunities for cross-border trade and development.


e-Commerce is an important platform on It aims to promote the unique cultural tourism, ideas, styles, customs, products of each Belt and Road country, to establish a story-rich product supply chain characterized by its immersive and travel-centered  online and offline purchasing experience.


The e-Commerce platform amalgamates the promotion of culture (information flow), cross-border payment (capital flow) and product purchases (logistic flow) to craft an omni-channel product supply chain.  It is dedicated to bringing together the essence of international business tourism and cultural exchange to provide integrated services and support to business associations and merchants of each Belt and Road country.