Silk Road Commerce and Trade Expo Park

The Expo Park is a comprehensive international commerce and tourism exposition zone themed with the trading cultures of Silk Road countries, Cultural exchanges, trade cooperation, modern services, tourism and resort, conference and exhibition, leisure and entertainment are the components of the Park. Major planning of the Park includes country-themed zones, incubators for cross-border e-commerce, offline experience space, international conference and exhibition centers, food and beverage areas, Silk Road Culture Streets and smart living accessories places. Such Expo aims at promoting investment and consumption, creating demands and job opportunities and propelling development of trade, culture and tourism.


The Expo serves SRCIC members and member countries by tailor-made marketable offline exposition and sales platforms and by providing policy consultation and preferential service to support their businesses. Plan and design of the Expo will be catered to the unique resources and cultural characteristics of each country. Participating members can advise the construction, planning and design of the Expo as well as directly engage in, or recommend other parties to participate in project investment and cooperation, lease management, and joint operation management. With the efforts of all members, the Expo Park will become a never closing world exposition.