Azerbaijani Presentation on Trans-Caspian Business Route in Xi’an China
8 Feb 2018


7 February 2018, a presentation meeting was co-organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to China and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce for the Azerbaijani delegation at the Tang West Market of Xi'an China.



Azerbaijani Minister of Economy Mr. Shahin Mustafayev spoke at the meeting and stressed the importance for Azerbaijan and China to cooperate as two historical hubs of the ancient and modern Silk Roads. He pointed out that Azerbaijan has been an active participant of the Belt and Road Initiative, playing a decisive role in the Trans-Caspian East-West Trade and Transit Corridor.


Mr. Mustafayev expressed his gratitude for SRCIC's assistance of the meeting and its promotion of the cooperation between Azerbaijani business sectors and Chinese counterparts.  



Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Mr. Tang Yugang and SRCIC Secretary General Li Zhonghang delivered enthusiastic speeches to introduce the Azerbaijani delegation to the Chinese entrepreneurs and encouraged close contact and communication between them. Mr. Li promised to have further collaboration with the delegation in the coming events.



200 participants attended the meeting. Presenters at the meeting included Chairman of the Azerbaijan Railways, General Manager of the Baku International Free Port, and Head of Azerbaijani Imports & Exports and Investment Funds. SRCIC Deputy Secretary General Mr. Huang Dahai also presented the Silk Road Cultural Business Fund, Cross-Border Financial Leasing Alliance, and High-End Business Tours at the meeting.



In 2018, there will be more than one international business meetings and expos held in Azerbaijan. The delegation welcomes enterprises and business partners to come from China.


The newly appointed Governor of Shaanxi Province Mr. Liu Guozhong warmly met with the delegation after the meeting and hoped for continued interaction between the two sides.