Expert: China and Brazil can cooperate in many fields
11 Jun 2024


"The Belt and Road Initiative is a critical initiative for different countries to develop partnerships with China," said Caroline S. Gomide, a professor at the University of Brasilia, when attending the 2nd China-Brazil Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization Forum. "Also, the initiative is important for the Global South, so we are looking forward to cooperating with China," she said.


On personnel exchanges between China and Brazil, Prof. Gomide recommended people in Brazil come to China and also learn more about Chinese culture.


"China and Brazil can cooperate in different areas, especially in agriculture," Prof. Gomide said. She added that both countries have many peasants and that it is they who guarantee the food security of their nations and China could specifically help with technology and machinery for small-scale farming.


She added that Brazil and many other countries face a huge challenge in treating food waste, and China has the technology to help with it.


"I hope we can go further in the current agricultural agenda between the two countries, promoting the joint development of science and technology for family farming and food production," she concluded.


Source: China Daily