Chairman Lu's Speech at the SRCIC General Assembly in Beijing
10 Dec 2017


Jointly Building a Community of Shared Future in the New Era


SRCIC Work Report over 2016-2017


Chairman Lu Jianzhong

Beijing, China

December 10, 2017



Honorable chairmen and colleagues:


Good morning, everyone!


We are here today in the capital city of China for SRCIC General Assembly. On behalf of the Executive Board members, I give my warmest welcome to all of you for taking time and coming all the way to participate in the 2nd anniversary activities.


Just now, our chairmen reviewed some of the SRCIC progress over the two years. And I appreciate all your pertinent and constructive suggestions for our future development. Our Secretariat staff has made good record of these opinions and suggestions. We will take each of them into consideration in our next work.


Now, on behalf of SRCIC chairmanship and Executive Board, I would like to present SRCIC work of these two years.


I.Review of SRCIC Work over 2016 - 2017


In December 2015, Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce set sail from Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Over the two years, we have experienced an extraordinary progressing course and made remarkable achievements.


1. SRCIC membership has been constantly expanded.

There were 36 national members at the time of SRCIC’s founding in Hong Kong. Up to now, we have more than 91 national members from 75 countries, with about 10 million enterprise members. The membership coverage and its representation have been significantly improved. SRCIC has become a bridge and link between governments and enterprises in the region, a platform for pragmatic cooperation between SRCIC members, and an important force for promoting the Belt and Road building, for pushing economic and social development, and for participating in international cooperation and global governance.


2. The structure and system have been continuously improved.

SRCIC has established its governing and operating structure of Chairmanship, Executive Board and the General Assembly of SRCIC members. All are running well. Up to now, SRCIC has held seven EB meetings, often enlarged, to adjust and guide our development timely. SRCIC has also set up 8 professional committees in business, finance, culture, transport, energy, information, industrial parks as well as standards and brands to better coordinate the development in different sectors.


SRCIC Secretariat has established itself as a capable and efficient work team. Apart from Hong Kong headquarters, SRCIC has its representative offices in Xi'an and Beijing. And a Shanghai Office is on the way to be set up.


Under the excellent leadership and effective work of Chairman Francis Chua, SRCIC established the Philippine Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. The Philippine President H.E. Rodrigo Duterte attended the founding ceremony and the managerial team swore in. This is the first SRCIC national chamber and they have accomplished much pragmatic and fruitful work in advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, i.e. a number of investment cooperation projects.


3. The consensus for development has been reached.

Over the two years, SRCIC has promulgated a number of programmatic documents, the Hong Kong Declaration on international cooperation along the Silk Road in the 21st Century, the 2016 Xi'an Declaration on Cooperative Development Conference of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, the Bishkek Declaration on Cooperation and Development of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and Xi'an Consensus on contributing to the building of a global community of a shared future.


We have signed the Agreement on Jointly Establishing Silk Road Mechanisms and Platforms for Business and Commerce Cooperation with more than 60 countries, and promulgated the Proposal on Jointly Establishing the Rules and Standards for International Cultural Artwork Trade with over 80 national commercial associations.


This series of declarations, consensuses and initiatives have embodied unanimous idea of SRCIC members, providing a good outline and target plan for our coming actions in further cooperation.


4. The pragmatic cooperation has a steady advance.

SRCIC has established five alliances as sub-organizations. They are the Silk Road Urban Alliance, Enterprise Development Alliance, B&R Association Alliance, Silk Road International Museum Alliance, and Think Tank Alliance.


And we also initiated the establishment of the eSilk Road, the Silk Road International Development Fund, the Silk Road Cultural Business Park, the Silk Road International Commodity Exchanges, the Silk Road Transnational Financial Lease Alliance, and the Silk Road International Artwork Trading Center. The projects on these platforms are being steadily and intensely promoted.


In the two years, SRCIC has hosted and co-hosted 8 international conferences, had delegations to more than 30 countries for visits, road shows, and cooperative projects discussion. We met with 18 top leaders of the states and governments, signing 147 letters of intent, memorandums, cooperation agreements and framework agreements with business associations, international organizations, enterprises, institutions, colleges and universities in related countries.


SRCIC also set up a project pool to focus on project investment and cooperation. So far we have sorted out 53 projects in nearly 20 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Palestine, Israel and Greece. After 17th of this month, we will join the delegation of China West Airport Group to go to Kiev in Ukraine for further information change and discussion on the project cooperation of the Zhuliany International Airport.


It is worth mentioning that SRCIC members also have proactive events organized over the year. In March this year, SRCIC the Philippines held China-Philippines Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Cross-Border Trade and Investment Matching in Manila, which produced around 300 cooperative agreements through about 400 discussions and negotiations. In September, with the leadership of Chairman Said Sharif and the organization of Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tajikistan won the first place of the national pavilions at the EXPO 2017 Astana. In November, Tbilisi Belt & Road Forum 2017 was held. Georgian Prime Minister stressed the forum and the top officials of the Silk Road countries attended. I was one of the 2000 participants and was honoured to speak at the opening session.


5. The international influence has been on the rise.

Over the two years, SRCIC has actively participated in global economic governance and made efforts in pragmatic actions for promoting international cooperation, winning support and recognition from international communities. Major SRCIC meetings have received video greetings and congratulation letters from UN Under-Secretary-General, President of Czechoslovakia, President of the Philippines, Prime Minister of Georgia, Chairman of the National Great Hural of Mongolia, the First Vice Prime Minister of Russia, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and former Japanese Prime Minister.


In May this year, China Central Government held the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. Four leading members of SRCIC were invited to attend the forum. In November this year, SRCIC General Secretary Li Zhonghang was invited to attend the APEC CEO Summit in Vietnam and met with the Vietnamese Prime Minister. And ten days ago, I was also invited to the CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting in Beijing.


Both Chinese and the international media have given high-density and multi-frequency coverage of SRCIC activities, including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China News Agency, and Russia's news agency, the European Times, Azerbaijan National Press, Ukraine's National Press Agency, Pakistan's Independent News, and the major press and media from Slovakia, the Philippines, Lebanon and other countries. The impact and influence of SRCIC are continuously increasing.


6. The member service capacity has been constantly enhanced.

With its membership rapidly expanding, SRCIC has made every effort to improve the ways and mechanism of its service and to uplift the level and efficiency of serving SRCIC members. All the international meetings, road shows, the joint work of building the Online Silk Road, Silk Road International Development Fund, and Silk Road Transnational Financial Leasing Alliance together provide considerate,efficient and pragmatic services to SRCIC members for information sharing, resource integration and project cooperation, which have achieved a number of stage results.


SRCIC has maintained close contacts and exchanges with China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT and other government departments in China and become the bridge and link between SRCIC members and the Chinese government. At the end of April 2017, we recommended SRCIC members of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Uzbekistan to send representatives to attend the Seminar on Climate Change for the Countries along the Belt and Road organized by China National Development and Reform Commission.


In these celebration activities in Beijing, we will hold the Belt and Road theme seminar, inviting leaders of China Development and Reform Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Silk Road Fund, and Guangming Daily to make development analysis, policy explanation, and business opportunity recommendation for a better awareness of the world economy and the major policies and emphases of the Chinese government, the Belt and Road related international organizations, and the important financial institutions.


II. Reasons for SRCIC's High-Speed Progress


It is encouraging for us to see SRCIC's achievements and progress over the two years. We own them to the grand trend of the Belt and Road construction and to our joint efforts.


Now, let me sum them up as the following.


1. Benefiting from the development dividends of the Belt and Road Initiative


The grand Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 has been going well in the global development. The Chinese wisdom and responsibility embodied in the Initiative has been positively responded the world over. More than 100 countries and international organizations have actively supported and participated in its implementation. The Initiative has been incorporated into the important resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council.


Under such circumstances, SRCIC, as an organization that aims at Silk Road international cooperation as its development purpose and fundamental pursuit, has received wide attention and strong support from international business communities, which have enabled SRCIC playing an active role as a super liaison to set up a mechanism platform for information exchange and consultation and for project collaboration among our members. We help our members sharing the dividends of the Belt and Road development and taking the advantage of the fast-growing economy in China.


2. Benefiting from the world and government concerns and support


Over the two years, SRCIC has maintained good communication and collaboration with international organizations, UNESCO, ECOSOC, UNIDO, WTO, World Tourism Organization, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and has obtained strong support from them.


The CPPCC Economic Committee, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of International Commerce, China NGO Network for International Exchange, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, China Association for Industry-University-Research Cooperation, China International Studies Foundation, China Enterprise Park International Cooperation Union and other organizations have given their care and assistance to the development of SRCIC, co-hosting a series of important activities with us.


In these two years, SRCIC has been to more than 30 countries for visits, road shows and project cooperation. We thank the host chambers of commerce for their good arrangements and warm receptions to make our activities very successful.


3. Benefitting from an efficient and pragmatic management team


SRCIC Chairmanship, Executive Board, and the General Assembly have their respective functions in coordination. The Chairmanship guides the direction and makes recommendations on major decisions. The Executive Board strengthens the management effectiveness to ensure the system construction and implementation. In these two years, my dear colleagues, Chairman Peter Mihok, Chairman Adnan Kassar, and many more have put forward good opinions and suggestions on our work. Chairman Wang Shi, Chairman Jemal Inaishivili, Chairman Carrier, Chairman Wu Yunguo and all EB members have devoted themselves to the development of SRCIC and given their full support to my personal work. Thank you.


The EB members are SRCIC's strongest supporters, most active participants, and most important leaders and decision makers. SRCIC also has the strong support from our member organizations for activities and projects collaboration. SRCIC Secretariat has completed its structure and regulations, improved its communication and coordination, and successfully arranged series of big events for our members and partners. The Secretariat staff are recognized and praised for working hard and for their devotion to servicing SRCIC members. 


4. Benefiting from the full support of Tang West Market Group


My company Tang West Market Group is a large modern corporation based on cultural industries, cultural undertakings, and financial investment. It is a continued business cluster built up right on the West Market ruins of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty(618—907 A.D.), the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. For this reason, the Tang West Market Group and the Silk Road have an inborn relation in protecting and inheriting the history and culture.


Over the two years, Tang West Market Group has given its full support to the development of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. It has not only sponsored SRCIC with all the funding but also provided its staff, space and office equipments. In the major events organized by SRCIC, Tang West Market Group has spared no efforts to provide support and security, serving as a strong backing for SRCIC in its speed development.


III. Tasks for the Coming Years


SRCIC, with its two years' development and strength accumulated, has made good progress and laid a solid foundation for the years to come. We will continue to work together to build a community of a shared future and to advance SRCIC into a new era.


To this end, we should focus on the following work:


1. To firmly hold to the notion of constructing a global community of a shared future


The concept of building a global community of a shared future proposed by President Xi Jinping has won universal recognition and has been written into the UN resolutions more than one time. Building a global community of shared future is a common undertaking of mankind, which requires broad consensus from different nations, beliefs, cultures, and peoples. It requires common action, too.


In September this year, the Xi'an Consensus of SRCIC for building a global community of a shared future was released at 2017 Silk Road Business Summit. This is the first organizational declaration among international business associations. We will be guided by Xi’an Consensus to form up all-round channels for ideas from all parts of the world in our drive for a community of shared interests in which we are interdependent, a community of shared responsibilities that will promote global economic recovery and prosperity, and a community of common actions that will promote a healthy development of the economic globalization. SRCIC will make efforts to build a community of common development for pragmatic cooperation and mutual benefit as a joint force in building a global community of a shared future.


2. To actively participate in perfecting global economic governance system


Managing deficits is a key issue facing global governance. Global governance needs flexible, pluralistic and dynamic approaches and requires participation of more international strengths, international organizations and non-government entities.


SRCIC has maintained good communication and collaboration with international organizations - the International Chamber of Commerce and World Chambers Federation. SRCIC has actively participated in international events - the B20 Business Leaders Summits and the APEC Business Leaders Summit, offering opinions and suggestions on world economic governance.


We are currently discussing with UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs for jointly promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and for cooperation projects in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We will strengthen our interaction with international organizations including UNESCO, WTO, World Tourism Organization, and the United Nations Development Program and get actively involved in discussions on the global economic issues. We will participate in the formulation of global business rules and the improvement of global economic governance system, promote unimpeded economic and trade policies, rules and standards between countries, and advance the establishment of an international trade and investment system that is open, non-discriminatory and fair. We will promote the formation of SRCIC corporate standards and trading rules in business and culture, and implement them to become international standards and trading rules.


3. To actively seeking business opportunities for SRCIC members


In the coming years, SRCIC will continue to provide its members with project information and cooperation opportunities under the framework of the Belt and Road. The pragmatic cooperation platforms built by SRCIC - the Online Silk Road, the Silk Road International Development Fund, and the Silk Road Transnational Financial Leasing Alliance - are going well. Among them, the Silk Road International Development Fund aims at 10 billion U.S. dollars and currently there are 5 national sovereign funds joining us. Today, we will have the opening ceremony for the fund.


In addition, SRCIC is to initiate a cultural industry fund of RMB 50 billion soon, and the Transnational Financial Leasing Alliance is communicating with China's machinery and equipment manufacturers, financial leasing companies, and leading enterprises for overseas business.   We have established collaborative relation with China West Airport Group, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and some other large-scale enterprises with the aim of promoting international cooperation for the airports, seaports, energy and high-end tourism.


Hainan province in China plans to have a Silk Road Culture and Industrial Park built in Qionghai City, in which is the permanent venue of Boao Forum for Asia. Both Provincial and Qionghai municipal leaders suggest that I take the lead for the establishment. My plan is to divide the Park into several sections for a hotel, a hospital, a nursing home, a culture center and modern service so we can share the opportunity.


All these projects are open to SRCIC members. Your active participation is welcome.


When SRCIC delegation visited Greece, Israel and other countries this year, the host chambers of commerce provided us with the cooperation projects in their countries. SRCIC Secretariat has appointed special departments and professionals to help match the resources and promote project cooperation. At present, we are co-working with China West Airport Group to cooperate with Greece, Ukraine and other important potential Belt and Road countries in developing and operating big projects like airports, and actively match projects like heavy trucks and wind power in Egypt.


For the coming years, SRCIC Secretariat is ready to assist with similar cooperation projects from our members. Please send in your needs and demand and we will bring you into contact.


4. To give full play to SRCIC alliances


To expand the collaboration with Silk Road regional organizations, city partners and enterprise entities, we have recently set up the Silk Road Urban Alliance, Association Alliance, and Enterprise Development Alliance. We will give full play to these alliances and provide assistance for them to develop in exchange and cooperation among its members.


The vision of the Urban Alliance is to establish a global city interconnection platform that integrates the advantageous resources of member cities and promote the pragmatic cooperation and people relation among them through SRCIC cooperation platforms. Currently, there are already Athens in Greece, Nablus in Palestine, and Sums'ka oblast, Lviv and Truskavets in Ukraine joining the Alliance. More cities are undergoing the procedures for the membership. We welcome SRCIC members to promote the cities in your own countries to join the Alliance.


The purpose of the Enterprise Development Alliance is to promote exchanges and pragmatic cooperation among enterprises in the countries along the Belt and Road, to provide services and facilities for enterprises to participate in SRCIC and Alliance activities, and to assist enterprises gaining support and professional advisory services in trade and investment from SRCIC member countries.


We warmly welcome SRCIC members to recommend companies to the Enterprise Development Alliance for business opportunities and mutual development.


The vision of the Association Alliance is to establish a platform for interconnection among transnational and trans-regional organizations, non-state-level business associations, and sectoral federations to integrate quality resources for pragmatic cooperation through SRCIC platforms so as to eventually achieve sustainable development across countries and regions.


5. To continuously provide all-round services to SRCIC members


SRCIC keeps to its original aspiration to provide full service to our members and to achieve a win-win development as a common outcome. SRCIC will continue to provide needed service and support for each of our members in the future.


Today, SRCIC will sign an agreement with Xi'an government in China on a Silk Road Cultural business Park, which will establish two headquarters -- the China Headquarters of International Chambers of Commerce, and the China Headquarters of International Enterprises. A free space of 100 square meters is to be allocated to each chamber of commerce in the park.


SRCIC has also reached a cooperative agreement with Shaanxi Institute of Geological Survey and the School of Earth Science and Resources of Chang'an University on establishing Silk Road Geological Research Institute, which will be committed to promoting cooperation between the Silk Road countries and regions in geological prospecting and scientific research projects, resource exploration, professional training, geological exploration techniques and policy exchange. The Institute can also provide free geological exploration for the countries. Please feel free to contact SRCIC Secretariat if you have any need in this aspect.


SRCIC Hong Kong headquarters, Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai offices can provide our members with office space, secretarial and consultant service for their local business activities. Members of SRCIC chairmanship may contact us in advance when the need comes for official business activities in these places. SRCIC Secretariat is dedicated to the good provision work in this aspect.


Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,


November 21 this year, I was invited to the 1st Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum in Beijing and spoke there. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the Forum, stating that "non-governmental organizations are the important force for promoting economic and social development, participating in international cooperation and global governance". SRCIC has the capacity, confidence, responsibility and obligation to make even greater contribution to promoting international cooperation along the Belt and Road. SRCIC wishes to join hands with our business partners in other countries to build a community of shared interests, responsibilities, actions, development and a future. Let us move into a new era in which SRCIC has its pragmatic cooperation expanded and its international influence upgraded.


Thank you all.